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Ace User Magazine

Ace User Magazine is a newsletter aimed for Jupiter Ace users that was published in the early 1980s.
Date Published
Forth User - Volume 2 Number 2-3 (1984)(Remsoft)(GB)
Topics: dup, ace, queue, pointer, screen, artie, swap, bytes, word, cls, dup dup, sound board, power...
Forth User - Volume 2 Number 1 (1984)(Remsoft)(GB)
Topics: ace, dup, microkey, interface, rom, keyboard, ram, output, printer, centronics, jupiter ace, high...
Ace User - Number 3 (1983)(Remsoft)(GB)
Topics: ace, jupiter, tape, ascii, keyboard, software, assembler, key, remsoft, machine, jupiter ace,...
Jupiter Ace Users Group Introduction (1984)(Remsoft)(GB)
Topics: ace, jupiter, noyce, cxi, fef, cantab, biblioforth
Ace User - Number 1 (1982-12)(Remsoft)(GB)
Topics: ace, jupiter, screen, ram, pad, rom, stack, expansion, software, memory, character set, jupiter...
Ace User - Number 2 (1983)(Remsoft)(GB)
Topics: ace, byte, jupiter, dup, code, bytes, hex, ram, address, machine, machine code, jupiter ace, byte...
Ace User - Number 4 (1983)(Remsoft)(GB)
Topics: ace, ram, set, disc, jupiter, bytes, compiler, jupiter cantab, circuit, disc controller, jupiter...